Custom works: Sidecar 6u

Custom work are usual at Antonus. Being handcrafted activity it allows us in some cases to adapt to the user necessities

This time we received request for an Antonus Sidecar 6u, which is double the space of the standard Sidecar

This unit allows 244 HP of eurorack modules and reach up to 3000mA per voltage rail thanks to the double power bus.

With these specifications we can make a powerful and versatile modular system for use stand alone or combined with the Antonus 2600 or Step Brother.

For use on the Antonus 2600 we recommend the Antonus stands blockers to lock the unit with the 2600 and avoid slide since the center of gravity is higher than the standard Sidecar.

When combining with the Antonus Step Brother we can use the front cover as a base stand to push up the Sidecar and allow the lower modules to be at fine level.