Antonus Sidecar – Expanding your Antonus

When the Antonus Step Brother sequencer was done the concept of the Antonus system was created, where develop a working way around the aesthetics and form of what the 2600 means.

Is well known the 2600 has some characteristics and ranges that make them compatible with the current Eurorack standard (3.5mm jacks, volt / octave, positive gate … etc) So the universe of sound possibilities extends almost to the infinite thanks to the huge catalog of eurorack modules available.

In this way, in Antonus we think about how to integrate the Eurorack world in an integral way, giving a sense of unity and continuity between the modules and the rest of the Antonus system, enjoying fluidity and aesthetics at this work structure.

Work, look and reability. Design true to the origins

Work, aesthetics and reliability. Design true to the origins

The premises of the design are the same as the rest of the Antonus system

The design and style of the cabinet is true to the 2600 concept, using Tólex and metal hardware both in the cabinet and in its front cover. The idea of ​​the cabinet style was respected in spite of the work and costs that this part represents, because precisely we consider that it is part of the special spirit of this instrument and a point that makes it stand out among the designs of synthesizers and current gear in general.

Designed in relation to the proportions of the Antonus 2600 or Step Brother offering a continuity feeling since the first moment they are coupled together.

The cover depth allows once closed, all the wiring can be stored without disconnecting from the modules.

The Antonus Sidecar has a high-quality power supply included, with stable power lines to drive the most sensitive analog modules that require stable and noise-free power.

For that reason the system consists of a powered distribution bus with 16 regulated sockets.

The connection is made directly to AC outlet and accepts from 100 to 240v without need of switch selector. We ensure that the equipment can work in any country and there is no need to carry with the external “brick” power supply. Only one “8” type power cable is required.


The power supply has protection against shorts and over power by switching off and rearm, without the need to change fuses. The power supply when detecting a bad power condition will enter protection mode and will be reactivated when the problem or the faulty module has been removed.

The front panel light indicators shows the status of the 3 power lines. In case of failure of any line we will see the corresponding channel light turn off or blink. In that moment recommend to turn off the system and find the module causing the fault. When the module or cable causing the fault is no longer present, the source is rearmed again and everything will work again.

In the power interface module we also have a USB socket available to power any device that is powered by 5volts via USB.

Use it were you want

The Antonus Sidecar was initially conceived as a complement to the Antonus system, making a complete system between 2600, Step Brother and Sidecar or making a 2600 couple with Sidecar or Sidecar and Step Brother.

The Step Brother and Sidecar tandem are already a very powerful combination!

Of course the modular idea is present at all times and that allows the Antonus Sidecar to work as a stand-alone system, to be integrated into any studio or direct configuration either by combining with other gear or by playing with the Sidecar alone. 120HP of Eurorack modules can offer a lot of sound possibilities!

Take your Antonus Sidecar from one place to another even keeping the wiring of your patch without disconnecting due to the internal space of the front cover.

Antonus instruments are thinking to be transported easy and comfortable. Close the instrument, travel with it and when you arrive at the destination then start to play!

Technical features

You can download at the following link the datasheet with all details about the Antonus Sidecar.

Antonus Sidecar is handcrafted made in Barcelona with love and care.

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