The Antonus System

Based on the mythic 2600 design we have designed our line of cabinets taking care of the finishes. We don’t just recreate a 2600 synthesizer, we want that the 2600 to be the heart of something much bigger, expandable with the Step Brother and with the Eurorack modules in the Antonus SideCar.

We love the idea of ​​portable analog sound laboratory and we want to take it beyond what it was.

AVAILABLE NOW new version of Sidecar compatible with the genuine ARP 2600.

Antonus 2600 Original Size

Since long time many users were asking for it, and now the moment arrived. Here is an original scale replica of the ARP 2600, grey face version, with the classic sound and behaviour using the same technology and components. Also incorporating two hi grade balanced outputs in dual XLR and Jack sockets.

Antonus 2600

The reinterpretation of the mythic ARP 2600 analog synthesizer. We have faithfully reproduced all aspects of the original electronic design so as not to lose a nuance of the mythical sound that characterizes it. We love its sound and behavior so we don’t intend to “improve it”. Of course, we wanted to adapt it to the current standards of use for which we have opted for a more compact format, without losing any of the feeling and comfort of the original design in addition to adding MIDI connectivity.

Step Brother

A unique sequencer design, the perfect mate of our modular system. Based on the design of the ARP Sequencer 1601 but expanded. We have added a Clock Divider, an ADSR, a VCO / LFO and 2 VCAs, and of course, MIDI connection. A sequencer system fully oriented for live performance and for immediate improvisation. Of course made with the classic 2600 design rules.


Expand your system with your favorite Eurorack modules. Maintaining the aesthetics and work philosophy of your Antonus system. Power supply and high quality distribution bus thinking in great stability and security for your eurorack modules. Has buil in USB power output to connect your devices efficiently

SidecARP (for ARP 2600)

Continuing the design legacy, we made the Eurorack expansion for the mythical and classic ARP 2600.
148HP of Eurorack modules available to expand the possibilities of this historic synthesizer to the infinity. Includes power supply and distribution system like our Antonus Sidecar. Manufactured with all the care and love in an handcraft way like all our equipment and following the aesthetics and essence of the classic.


Each of our units is handcrafted made with care and love. With passion for details and quality finishes