In Antonus we also love to make and develop some different things in the orbit of the Antonus and ARP concepts. Sharing our own experience with the ARP and Antonus users we are glad to show a bit of our Antonus utility items.


The vertical brackets

Something useful is the possibility of stack in vertical configuration the different parts that forms the Antonus system: the 2600 , the Sidecar and the Step Brother. Inspired in early modular setups we want to offer the workflow and functionality of this idea using the vertical locking brackets to make possible stack the different parts with reliability and security. A lot of power in very narrow space using the vertical configuration!

The brackets are made in collaboration with our friend brand CoverUp BCN, making different stand works in Barcelona. Thanks to close collaboration we find the best accuracy for bring what we need. The best balance between security, precision with the measures (is not easy to work with handcraft wood works with mm tolerances…) and the special care that need the tolex covering.

The Step Brother brackets for Antonus 2600:

The Step Brother design is focused in horizontal operation. One classic setup is the console style or keyboard placement in front of the 2600.

Whit this brackets now is possible to stack on top of the Antonus 2600 with security allowing to save lot of space in front of the 2600. Also the vertical configuration adds a very interesting sensation. Is really inspiring to have such powerful instruments in the same plane of view.

The Step Brother brackets are compatible with the Sidecar, this allow the most powerful configuration of 2600 at the base, Sidecar at the middle using the brackets and Step Brother on top using the respective brackets. This is very powerful modular pacheable setup, in compact but at same time very playable and inspiring form.

The Sidecar brackets for Antonus 2600:

The Sidecar can stay nicely on top of the Antonus 2600, thank to rubber feet it have enough anti slide level. But if you way of use is very “intense” or you are planning to put something on top of the Sidecar will be great to add the locking brackets to add an extra level of security fixing it to the Antonus 2600. 
Compatible with the Sidecar 3u and 6u version.

Step Brother and SidecARP brackets for ARP FS:

As we have in mind to still release utilities for the classic ARP instruments we offer the brackets version compatible with the vintage ARP 2600 and also the KARP FS version.

You can use in the same way the SidecARP (the full size version of the Sidecar) and the Step Brother. We love to share and make possible this kind of interactions because we share the same spirit and inspiration with the origins.

Pictures from our customers (click to enlarge):

Pictures of Step Brother and SidecARP over ARP 2600 FS (click to enlarge):

Here the price list for the current line of locking brackets. EU VAT and Shipping not included:

Step Brother brackets for Antonus: 70 euro

Step Brother brackets for ARP / FS: 70 euro

Sidecar brackets (Antonus): 50 euro

SidecARP brackets (ARP / FS): 50 euro