Sidecar for a genuine ARP 2600? SidecARP?

When the design of the Antonus Sidecar was completed we could see that the idea worked great since it also expanded exponentially the concept of what a 2600 is. Both in aesthetics and functionality the result was totally satisfactory. So at that point, why not bring the same idea to the genuine ARP 2600?

Taking as a reference the proportions of an ARP 2600, we started with the idea of the Sidecar for ARP (SidecARP!) We had to take measures of several ARP 2600. We could appreciate that due to the also handmade character of the old ARP 2600 some measures were slightly different in a matter of millimeters but we were able to obtain a very valid measurement to decide the definitive measures that will best fit in all versions of ARP 2600.

We could also check that there are several versions with different handles, some handles are smaller than others. The models with small handle allow the installation of the Sidecarp without the need to add the stand that locks the Sidecarp since the legs have sufficient height, so you can choose without supports or add the supports for an extra fixing to the top of the ARP 2600.

In the big handle models the legs do not reach enough height. If we put higher legs, we can see that in addition to look losing attractiveness, it also loses stability, so in the case of installation on a large-handle ARP 2600, the use of SidecARP brackets is needed.

Obviously we could not do checks on hundreds of ARP 2600, since it is a considerably difficult equipment to find available, but luckily we were able to find some users who bring us the possibility to provide their equipment for tests and measurements and we have managed to create the concept as compatible as possible with all ARP 2600.

In the case that your classic ARP 2600 has a different measures than what can be seen in the sidecarp data sheet we would like to know about your equipment. Of course in the case that the measures are different in an important way we can make a custom SidecARP too! Being handcraft workers we can also customize several aspects of your gear.

asa arp pequeña

The SidecARP consists of 152 HP wide, which 4HP are used for the front power interface, being 148HP of effective space. The screw system is M3 threaded strip.

The power supply used is the same as the Antonus Sidecar, with direct AC input (100v / 240v) without the need for an external brick,  with front switch, +/- 12v and + 5v voltage rail monitoring LEDs and USB power output  to power additional devices. The power supply and the power  bus provide very stable and clean 1500 mA in each power rail that brings the best performance in the most sensible analog modules. It also have protection measures against short circuit and overload due to automatic shutdown and reset. No need fuse. Normal working temperatures are between 50 and 60ºC and in cases of maximum load they will not exceed 80ºc thanks to a dedicated heatsink . Using high-grade components we ensure that the components will have a long life unlike other sources that their temperatures are so high that their components degrade more quickly with use.

The bus allows up to 16 module connections, which for 148 HP is usually sufficient. If more connections are required, it is recommended to ask us to evaluate the best solution to expand internal connection.

If more power is required,  is possible to add two active buses to reach up to 3000 mA per rail.

Like the Antonus Sidecar we recommend the Antonus power supply, but in case the user chooses another different power system,  can order the SidecARP without power supply, warning us in advance.

For full details it is recommended to read the data sheet of Antonus SidecARP


ANTONUS SidecARP Datasheet:

The day of the SidecARP premiere we had a great moment with a visit from one of our customer and friend with full  improvisation by ARP 2600 + SidecARP with Moog Mother 32 and DFAM and a full Antonus System (2600 + Step Brother + Sidecar full of Euroracks) accompanied by the base of a Moog Grandmother.

We really enjoy feeling that the idea of 2600 continues to expand as a system and concept despite having spent more than 40 years since its creation, creating new sounds and structures by mixing with the current Eurorack world. We want that along with Antonus Step Brother that design line from ARP 2600 still expands beyond the time factor. The old ARP 2600 is not only not obsolete but it continues and continues to surprise the fantastic idea behind this instrument!