A new panel option for Step Brother, orange version.

Lot of time thinking about to make a limited run classic orange/black panels for Antonus Step Brother, like the classic ARP Sequencer 1623…. so is time to do it now!

We will need pre-order support for make it possible, because this panel manufacture need one first big payment for the initial run batch. 
We hope people like so much this idea and can bring us their support making this special run pre-order.
To don’t make it more difficult we only need the same pre-order requirements of the standard Step Brother, 600 euro as advanced payment and rest of payment will be done when unit is finished and ready to ship. The full price will be the same as the standard version, 1180 euro  (ex EU VAT)

The estimated finish date for this special run is about April/May 2020

We need at least 10 preorders to start the new panel process, and at this moment we are near of 50%, so lot of possibilities to reach the goal!

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