ARP orange panels for Step Brother, objective completed

Finally, after a lot of work and with the essential support of those people who with their trust and economic support helped us, we can now present the new panel option for the Step Brother, the classic ARP orange scheme. The 10 units of preoder goal was successfully reached. Thanks to all who have helped us in such development.

It has been an odyssey to design and made this panel in the middle of the Covid19 crisis, with the factories near to closing … but just in time they were able to deliver us and now we can carry out the first unit assemblies which are already being delivered.

The quality of the panel is the same as the classic Antonus panel, with a high-hardness textured paint, to offer good rub resistance, as well as an extra hardness screen printing treatment.

In anticipation of the situation we have ordered more panels because the idea is to keep this panel color option available from now on.

Hope this design likes to the users of classic ARP gear with orange color to match even more the look and spirit of the setup.

Once again, thanks to everyone who helped us make this first panel run.