New metal case for Antonus 2600

After many time conceiving and designing an alternative case for the 2600 Original Size we have it. It took around 6 months of testing and prototypes and we can finally say that we got it.

As many knows the ARP 2600 case and of course the Antonus 2600 were built in Tolex road case, that is beautiful, with very handcraft and vintage essence that makes an special part of the charm of the whole instrument. After many years Antonus was well know for the care and love that puts on the case manufacture for reach this sensation when you are in front of one of the 2600 units.

When Antonus released the DIY KIT version we found one issue that was related to two things of the Tolex roadcase manufacture. One is the price, for the process, the part and the labour to manufacture it making that the case purchase was an high price item of the kit. And other issue is the time needed for finish one case. This makes that the number of manufactured cases are limited during the year and the waiting list for assign it.

Adding the DIY option to the catalogue forced us to find an alternative to Tolex Roadcases and we started to think to find another material and technique that solve us two of the main issues and also preserver the essence and sensation that the 2600 designs need.

During the concept we were remembering the very first early units of Blue Marvin and Grey Meanie made in aluminium.

 Aluminium is great if we use a good quality one and with a good design we can keep the overall weight below the original tolex case. The case is finished in black mate textured paint for a stylish and strength feeling.

Thinking in the DIY option we look for make also a case in DIY format that the user can assemble when receive it. In this way we can save a considerable amount of money for shipping, because the 2600 full size dimension is so big for couriers and the shipping cost increases a lot for dimensions instead for real weight. And also for Antonus itself is better for storage task as we can storage more cabinets parts to be ready for assemble for customers that order from us a full built unit. Making possible to deliver units in less waiting time and also reducing final price.

The concept is simple, there are 4 main parts: Upper, Sides, rear, and bottom. When assembled we need to install the side rails for fix the panel and then only need to install the upper handle, the two side panels, the rubber feet and the power supply spacers, and later, the Reverb Tank and the Antonus 2600 main panel with boards. For DIY purchases we provide all the parts for assemble.

One important thing of this case design is that is valid for the Antonus 2600 Original Size series and also for the vintage ARP 2600, grey face and orange panel version. If you have a vintage ARP you can use this case for it. You only need to use and adapter board for the power supply. If you want to use the small reverb tank version you will need also the adapter to use with the long version screws. Using this case you can use the side panel with the AC input and add the balanced output feature with XLR-Jack sockets to upgrade your vintage 2600 connectivity.

Also is possible to order the other side panel with the holes for install the vintage cinch jones keyboard cable or also make custom solutions on the side panel at customer request.

As you can see this case was created for take profit in many ways, and we are happy to have created it for solve many different situations offering a beautiful alternative to the classic Tolex roadcase. 

Hope many people enjoy this new design and also start a new path for design for another Antonus instruments.