New EU dealer, Enlo-1

We have new EU distribuitor! let’s go to start a relation with Enlo-1 store.

Enlo-1 will offer all of our catalogue, all the instruments, and all accessories. As may you know our instruments are done in small quantities and must be reserved by preorder using our email. With Enlo-1 you can select the preorder option of each instrument and pay using credit card or other payment options. Also is possible to contact Enlo-1 for specify or ask for any customization or change with the standard designs, like for example, panel colour, tolex colour, led light colours. The same customer service will be offered using Enlo-1 or directly contacting to Antonus, customer can select the preferred platform for purchase or preorder. All accesories will be available and also Enlo-1 will be offering for sale some parts, like knobs or sliders or other parts used for repair, mod or DIY options.

Since now Enlo-1 will be part of the Antonus dealers, and will offer the service, attention and warranty like if was purchased directly to Antonus.

Hope people can enjoy from this point of selling and service.

Visit Enlo-1 at the site, and also at Facebook (Enlo-1) and Instagram Enlo-1shop