New dust covers for Antonus and ARP instruments

We have received some questions during last years of what is a good way to protect the Antonus 2600 or the Step Brother against the dust when are not in use at the studio. So then the idea of making a nice dust covers started… and now the wonderful hands of Nalini make possible this.

We are making now the dust covers for the Antonus 2600 and Step Brother with a nice leather black vinyl emulation to match the same tolex feeling. The Antonus logo is woven to keep the classic and handcraft feeling. Also we are looking for different colours so if anyone is using a custom tolex colour and prefers another colour different than the standard black we can make it.

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And if we have done the Antonus dust covers why not to make for the classic ARP 2600, and FS? and also the keyboard 🙂

If you are looking for protect from dust your beloved instruments then now is possible to make it whit style and warmth of the early works.

These works are done in small runs in our workshop, ask for dates or availability at us or you preferred Antonus authorized dealer.

Here is the price list (EU VAT and shipping not included).

Antonus 2600 dust cover: 55 euro

Antonus Step Brother dust cover: 40 euro

ARP 2600 / KARP FS dust cover: 60 euro

ARP 3620 / 3604 keyboards dust cover: 40 euro