New coloured gummy caps for Antonus

As is well known ARP Synthesizers designs and details have changed between productions . For example there is a line of products like the ARP Odyssey and Arp Sequencer among others that used during a time a gummy slider caps with different colours.

We have received during time some request asking if possible to find suitable gummy caps for the Antonus sliders but the problem is that gummy caps doesn’t allow pass the led light.

To see the slider light is very important at the Step Brother sequencer as you need to see the active step and the clock speed.

Time looking for gummy caps with translucency feature and also coloured, and of course the correct measures, the goal is to have the colour look always, with gear turned on and off.

After time finally we found the right ones gummy caps, we tested it and works perfect, we love it!

Now is possible to order any new Antonus gear the Step Brother or even a 2600 with these new gummy caps.

Also is possible for previous Antonus users to ask for gummy caps kit, but is very important for previous units you need of course the new gummy caps and also white leds for swap the previous ones. Because you need most neutral light as possible as the gummy caps colour will be the basic light colour. If you use a non white led as light colour you will obtain different tones and maybe is not what you are looking for, so we supply white leds for each gummy caps update kits. Of course you can use different base led colour for creating new light tones mixed with the gummy cap colour.

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At this moment we have available the following colours:


Light Blue / green





Hope with that option people can be happy to have this new look, and for those who was looking for match the Antonus gear with the ARP gummy slider gear.