Antonus Sidecar release

After a long time thinking about joining the modular Eurorack world with the 2600 design we have finally been able to materialize the concept, with the Antonus Sidecar. One of the interesting points of the 2600 design is full compatibility with current Eurorack systems. This allows the sound capacity of 2600 to be expanded to infinite limits thanks to the huge catalog of modules available in Eurorack format.

In Antonus we think of integration at the physical level but also at the conceptual level, so we designed the Sidecar to be in accordance with those that are aesthetic and proportions aspects of the Antonus system. We believe that there is very important to make a harmonious connection between elements and that this will be reflected in the sound result and the experience of use and that is why we dedicate the same work and attention to its finishes like the 2600 or the Step Brother

Following the aesthetics and shape of Antonus instruments, the Sidecar provides 120HP (120 + 4HP from the front interface) ready to install your favorite eurorack modules to interact with your 2600 or Step Brother. The fixing system is M3 threaded stripe.

The front power interface allows direct connection to the AC outlet without the need for an external source or adapter. Only the “8” type cable is necessary to connect to the corresponding socket. Accept any voltage between 100 and 240 volts, without changing any switch.LED voltage indicators show the status of each internal power rail, in case of failure in any power rail it will be easy to see either by blinking or turning off the corresponding light.

It also adds a USB power socket to connect 5v devices for charge or drive  tablets, cell phones or MIDI keyboards that accept USB power. Note that the consumption of this socket is shared with the internal 5v, the maximum being 1500mA.

 The power supply  and its active bus provide very stable and clean 1500 mA in each power rail that ensure the best performance in the most sensitive analog modules. The power system incorporates protection measures against short circuit and overload due to automatic shutdown and reset. No fuse needed .

Normal working temperatures are between 50 and 60ºC and in cases of maximum load they will not exceed 80ºc thanks to a dedicated dissipation block. Using high-grade components we ensure that the components will have a long life unlike other sources that their temperatures are so high that their components degrade more quickly with use.

If more power is required, the possibility of add two active buses to reach up to 3000 mA per rail can be evaluated.

We recommend the Antonus power supply, but in case the user choose for a different power system, then the equipment can be ordered without this power system. Let us to know before order it, to discount the price and prepare without the power system.


Also you can combine the Sidecar directly with the Step Brother, and be able to combine the positions as you prefer. Sidecar + Step Brother already makes a very powerful team!

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Antonus datasheet:

The Antonus Sidecar Stands

As a complementary accessory we offer Antonus Sidecar stands that provide an extra fixation by placing the Sidecar on top of an Antonus 2600.

Although the non-slide rubber feet provide their level of stability, the stands block the entire Sidecar to ensure the unit in case of “intense” use when placed on top of the Antonus 2600.

In addition, the stands allow us to mount the Step Brother brackets on the same Sidecar, allowing in the vertical construction of the entire Antonus full system: 2600 at the base, Sidecar in the middle and Step Brother at the top.
In this way it is achieved that in a relatively small base space, building a very powerful sound system, leaving even front space for the inclusion of a controller keyboard or any equipment that interacts with the Antonus system.

This vertical design of the Antonus system is very inspired by the images of the “Big Moog” modular Moogs. This configuration could never be formed in ARP systems since it lacks modular systems and Moog-like designs. Now with the Antonus stands, is possible to make this configuration with the 2600 and enjoy this type of vertical configuration with the sound and character of ARP design