ARP & Antonus together!

We are lucky to have a genuine ARP 2600 in our workplace and was impossible resist to take a series of photos in a family plan. ARP and Antonus finally together.

Antonus 2600 is approximately 80% the size of the original. We have compacted and maintaining entire essence of the original without sacrificing the comfort of the original design. The sliders size is the same. The weight has also been reduced to 12KG with lid closed

We have replaced the ARP keyboard side connector with an interface panel that combines standard CV and GATE connectivity and MIDI port, all standard for make easy communication with other instruments.

We put all the care and love on instrument finish. We consider that the cabinet, its style and its format are part of instrument soul.

In Antonus choose textured black paint and extra hardness treatment in silkscreen to make the panel more resistant to scratches and stains.
We also Antonus we add dust filters on all sliders to prevent the entry of dust inside controls.
Illuminated sliders with user adjustable intensity, with precise and smooth slide feeling.

We love the sound of the original ARP 2600, we do not intend to “improve it” or take shortcuts. Thru-hole component, and classic elements are necessary to keep that sound alive. The reverb used is the long version used in the first versions of ARP 2600.