Antonus & Vinophonics at Sonar +D 2019

On July 17, 2019 the Vinophonics project was presented for the first time at the Sonar + D 2019 event

Sónar + D is an international congress that explores how creativity modifies our present and imagines new futures, in collaboration with researchers, innovators and leaders of the business world. Since 2013, this anti-disciplinary meeting brings together leading artists, creative technologists, musicians, filmmakers, designers, thinkers, scientists, entrepreneurs, makers and hackers in Barcelona to participate in a carefully selected program focused on inspiration and networking.

Sónar + D is done with Sónar every June, the pioneer festival of advanced music created by Advanced Music, which has been recognized since 1994 as one of the most important cultural events in Europe. This congress expands the desire to discover new languages ​​and emerging artists of Sónar beyond music, extending it to the space of creative and technological innovation.

Combinando arte sonoro, tecnología y… vino! Pensamos que el Sonar +D sería  el lugar ideal para presentar Vinophonics al mundo.

In this frame where different brands, organizations or private developers exhibited their projects work is where Vinophonics space became a place to show all the attendees the proposal in which we are working.
For 3 intense days we were able to explain and show the work of sounding the vineyard and we were able to receive the astonishment of the vast majority of visitors who learned to the story while watching the instrument and listening to the result.
Visitors were also able to interact freely with Vinophonics and the Antonus 2600 making all kinds of sounds and sound systems.
Also for the moment we managed to enable what will be the streaming audio service through which any event visitor could tune in any place and time with the audio that Vinophonics was playing, as if it were an online radio.

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Different profiles went through the stand, engineers, developers, musicians, people related to the world of wine, people related to the world of cryptocurrencies … it was surprising how this project could cover so many interests so different from each other.

Maybe we could not prepare the pre-event with all the time it took since the development of Vinophonics involved many hours until the last moment, but we were pleased to know that Vinophonics was one of the most outstanding exhibitions of this edition of Sonar + D.

In fact they mention it in Barcelona Metropolitan:

To also highlight the good atmosphere and interest among different exhibitors and projects, it was really enriching to know the opinions and reactions of our exhibition partners. For example, next to us was the Pioneer DJ / Toraiz stand and it was a pleasure to share with them many moments of talks and testing equipment.
As a result, new contacts and possibly future interactions and collaborations at the artistic or technical level were made.

Very notable was the visit of the acclaimed sound designer Richard Devine, who on the occasion of his workshop class at Sonar + D took a moment to visit the different stands.
It was a pleasure to share with Richard that moment to explain the Vinophonics and Antonus project.
Richard as a user of a genuine ARP 2600 showed great satisfaction when he saw the completion work of both Antonus 2600 and Vinophonics himself and of course he immediately recognized most of the inspirations in Vinophonics design.
When Richard Devine had highlights the quality of work and the originality of Vinophonics’s approach was really motivating.

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Intense days, lots of words and a lot of passion on each visit to the point of being voice afflicted on the last day … but the experience was worth it.
Many contacts made and many appointments made, sure that all this will bring more things besides of course the history of Vinophonics itself.