Antonus at Zicplace opening event, Paris.

On October 26, I and Nalini (Antonus’ cool “tolexer”) arrived at Paris to show Antonus full system at the opening of Zicplace, the first European market place related to musical instruments. We received the invitation of Sébastien Burlet himself to be present at that moment…

Although we arrived with lot of weight, with a complete Antonus system, (Model 2600, Step Brother, Sidecar full of modules and stands to place the equipment vertically) it was a pleasure to move around Paris, because it is such a beautiful city that really stimulates us positively at every step, so calmly and pause we moved with the entire setup until we reached the place of the event.

At 12:00 we arrived at La Cartonnerie, a beautiful place dedicated to the celebration of events where we could see an energetic and always happy Sébastien, who indicated the place for the Antonus stand and introduced us to several assitants.

It was beautiful to share that moment and place with such good manufacturers and with such different works, all of us who were offering very different products from each other but shared the small business philosophy with a lot of passion.

Highlight the good tuning that Pikip Solar Speakers guys which gave us the possibility to show the full potential of Antonus sound through the solar and autonomous sound system they manufacture. A pleasure to sound in that speaker size! 

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In addition to taking the opportunity to explain to the attendees, we also take the opportunity to know the rest of the proposals and professionals that meet at Zicplace. We were able to show Antonus equipment both to people who already knew our work, and to people who had not even seen instruments like the a Model 2600 was. I find very interesting the reaction of people who have not previously seen and heard what an analog synthesizer like the 2600 is and see the reaction of satisfaction of those people when playing, feel and listen to the resulting sound … it is simply exciting.

It was also a pleasure to see a part of Sébastien’s classic synthesizers collection. People gone to the upper floor to be able to see and play various classical instruments of electronic music, like Roland TR808, Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 rev2, Oberheim OB-1… . No doubt those designs attract people even those who know nothing about them or are not musicians. The design of certain equipment and certain times is already attractive in itself!

The day progressed and at 20:00 the concerts began in the basement, more people came for the concerts and the party and the bar had more and more work. DJ session in the exhibition and concerts in the basement until 01:00 pm
A happy day with a lot of passion and joy that ended with a good party.

The Antonus system that we carry already stay in Paris happily and we became very satisfied with the experience, for participating from the beginning with Zicplace, sharing space with such good proposals and for enjoying one more time the beautiful city of Paris.
We also met passionate and interesting people who will surely help us continue making adventures in France.

France is a country of great musicians and great instrument manufacturers where I personally find many reasons and inspiration to do what I do with Antonus, so my intention is to work and relate Antonus’s activity more and more to the French scene. I hope to return soon with more stories from “La France” oh la la!

Toni Gutiérrez 05/11/2019