Antonus at London Synth Expo 2023

Last 18 March of 2023 Antonus was present at the first Synth Expo London. A wonderful event around the world of guitar pedals, Synthesizers and effects. Thanks the kindness of our UK dealer KMR audio for make possible to be at one of the tables with the Antonus representation.

We arrived a bit late from our trip, need to go from Stansted to the center and eat and drink something between. When we arrives to the entry of the expo the cue was so long, and more people were arriving and joining the cue. From the very first time it was a success!

Paul Lavigne from KMR receive us to join to the KMR space. Many many people around all the places, all playing and enjoying the different experiences. As soon as I take the place at the Antonus table we started to speak and share with the visitors. The table was prepared with Antonus 2600 and Step Brother combo (ARP orange panels) sharing place with the new Antonus 2600 Original Size. For play the 2600 OS it was an Arturia controller for show the different features of the MIDI-CV duophonic interface.

So in one side the 2600 “mini” + Step Brother was making more sequencing and drums patterns and the 2600 Original Size was doing more classic keyboard sounds. Of course during the event the roles of the Antonus instruments started to change as every visitor asked for different examples and uses. Sometimes we crossed patches in funny ways!

The passion of all the people, the good mood, the respect, all was so enjoyable. Many times we ended talking about many different topics in very funny conversation. Also many people from different parts of the word and also many people spanish speaker!

Very happy to see that many people live this passion with deepness, instead living it as frivolity of superficiality. The eyes and intention of the people looking the instruments, the building technique, the quality, the sound, the soul behind… a real pleasure to know many people how matters this kind of things that are also the base of our work.

The time passed so fast, when the finish advice sounded at the place all the people claimed for continue more! Anyway we all have lived a wonderful day, and all the conclusions were that next time will need to make it in a bigger place, as people will stay better and sure more people will come. London is a wonderful place for have an expo like this. There is so many people with passion for Synths, pedals and effects, so is time to make an expo every year… at least!

Time to close the expo and enjoy a nice London night with Paul and friends from KMR. Good drinks, good music, lot of funny moments and laughs. We really enjoyed all the day even finish it exhausted (we departed from Barcelona very early at the morning)

We returned to Barcelona very happy of that experience, and waiting for the next year to repeat the experience. Hope next year can be again and also with some exciting new things…