New knobs for illuminated sliders

We started installing by default the new knobs for the illuminated sliders on the Antonus 2600 and Step Brother machines.

With these knobs we add an extra comfort and a touch of elegance at the light thanks to the transparent strip that reveals the color of the control light.

Now even with the instrument turned off the look is improved. With this we can make happy customer who prefer a machine that does not have light controls. Just use the 2600 light adjustment control (on the front) or the Step Brother (rear) to adjust the light trimmer to completely off.

The new knobs are installed by default on all Antonus instruments manufactured from 2021 onwards, no clarification is necessary at the time of order.

The only thing that should be clarified is the color of the LED, if it is different from the standard orange-amber color.

If you are user of an Antonus device prior to 2020 that does not have these new knobs and you are interested in purchasing a kit, contact us to inform you of the process.